It’s not possible to engineer a system that is 100% secure.

The only thing one can influence isĀ the cost an attacker has to pay.

In the 2020 US election, the cost for a fraudulent vote was estimated to have been between just $3 to $5.

Hash Elections proposes 4 approaches to increase the cost of a fraudulent vote by applying theory from computer science.
Ballots Voter Count Tabulation
  • Adding
  • Destroying
  • Manipulating
  • Phantom
  • Dead
  • Wrong
  • Lost
  • Swap in Transfer
  • False Reporting
Hash Ballots Fingerprint 2FA Competitive
These approaches transfer concepts from the digital realm into the analog one.

They aim at voting with human-only-processed paper ballots, removing the need for current electronic voting machines.

The only machines required would be those that verify and report the validity of a ballot and those that run a web server.

Together they form an innovative solution that reduces complexity and eliminates the need to give trust to the machines.