Update as of November 2022 (2 Years after the election)

I wrote the following text directly in the aftermath of the 2020 Presidential Election, as what happened there was outrageous. Now two years later, after the midterms of a fraudulently elected President, my predictions have come true: Almost all Republican candidates that promised offensivly to clean up the corrupt and stolen Presidential Election of 2020 had their elections stolen by the establishment. This being best displayed by Kari Lake of Arizona who got cheated right the moment she was about to overtake the Democratic candidate. 

As a foreigner that observed that election and 2020 pre- & post vote:

I can state here with clear conscience that a significant amount of states in the US are irredemably corrupted and do no longer display the will of their respective people

The United States, a military titan that engages constantly in wars, is run and owned by ‘someone’ but that is certainly not the american people.

“We have put together the most extensive voter fraud organisation in history”

America, respectively the United States, has a problem: It’s elections have been thoroughly corrupted. To a point where voting itself has become completely irrelevant. As of 2021, US citizens are faced with the dire truth that they cannot ‘vote’ incompetence out of office and competence in. The ‘will of the people’ is no longer represented. In some cases, due to rigged electronic voting machines, voting has been so perverted that casting for ‘the wrong’ candidate, will increase the final margin of the opponent.

It is already blatant at first glance that Democrats cheated in the 2020 US Presidential Election. And they did not cheat just a little to get Joe Biden over the finish line. They cheated substantially. No one believes that he has received the most votes ever. They knew they could not win against Trump. That’s why they decided from day one to build the entire campaign on fraud: Fraud so big, that it would be impossible to get taken down. By mid 2020 an insider had leaked the tactic to that strategy:

"To report fraudulent numbers and make the media wave them through."

Democrats and their media allies had already been deranged for four years. After phony investigations, a fake impeachment and constant smears they decided to go all-in with massive fraud on the 2020 election. They would bribe and blackmail public servants to shut down the judicial route, to deny and delay audits and to make recounts meaningless. They would throw everything legal and illegal at Trump: At stake where now the medias reputation and the very existence of the Democrat party.

The conjecture: Make it so big that no one dares to call it out. A ‘big lie’ that is so outrageous on it’s size alone that the truth becomes unbelievable. The only way to stop this would be Trump going all-in as well: Declaring a national emergency, martial law, arresting Democrats, media operatives, corrupt local officals and holding contigency elections under military management.

We now know he did not have the guts to do so. He tried to win by playing fair against a cheater in a system that was already rigged against him. Eventually his reluctance to cross the line and throw the country for a year into chaos had lost him not only the presidency, the Republicans the Senate, but Americans their reputation, and ultimately their country.

While everyone anticipated that Democrats would cheat, as they always do, the sheer size of it and the willingness by them to put it all on the line worked to completely take the conservative camp by surprise.

“A secret cabal of powerful people fortified the election”

The mainstream media and the big technology companies, who have sided completely with the political left, do not acknowledge the existence of voter fraud in their reporting, or tolerate the discussion of it on their plattforms. In their reality, all of this is unproven conspiracy.

Yet, as too many people have noticed that things do not add up, they were forced to admit at least the most obvious two months after the election: That the flow of information was purposefully steered on a large scale, including censorship and banning of facts and people that did hurt their candidate.

Joe Biden, with his 47 years in politics and showing dementia, was the worst candidate to ever run for the presidency. There was zero enthusiasm for him and he was barely able to fumble the nomination from Bernie Sanders. The metrics of his campaign, where he seldomly left his basement to actually campaign, showed little to no interest in him or what he had to say. His ads were phony and overall he seemed to put little work into all this. His rare speeches were incoherent and barely attended. He insulted people, refused to answer basic questions and behaved like a loser- but now as we know not because he knew he had no chance- but because he knew it was rigged.

At the end of the third presidential debate he got destroyed and the simultaneous unraveling of documents from his sons lost laptop showed his families decade long foreign corruption- things that were so bad that they should have put an immediate end to his campaign and him into prison. Yet the media propped him up, did not report on his scandals, and together with the censorship from the big technology companies successfully, at a minimum, mislead voters.

Trump on the other hand, while being irrationally hated and constantly gaslighted for four years, delivered consistently throughout his term and even peace in the middle east at the end of it. A president that was not only effective, but a president that also pulled crowds like no one did before. Whoever saw through the fake facade the cabal had errected around him recognized that the gap could not be bigger: 2020 would be the worst campaign vs the best campaign in all of american history.

Pre-Election statistics coroborated that assessment as primary participation, party-registration and enthusiasm -passive indicators that surround the vote- all predicted not just a Trump win but a Trump landslide. Since recording, they had successfully predicted the winner – every one of them, every single time. And not once was even one of them wrong. Yet in 2020, suddenly they were all wrong for the first time.

“Don’t worry. Trump is not gonna win. I made f*cking sure of that.”

There has been so much fraud, to cover this in detail is not the purpose of this website and there are sources, especially the Navarro Report, that lists the two dozen schemes Democrats employed, including the foundation they had laid to pull them off: From illegally changed laws pre-election, to an on-purpose obliteration of the chain of custody up to the removal of any sort of verification. The numbers from the Navarro Report are already multiple times the margin of victory in every swing state.

But this is just the easy to verify ‘small stuff’: The pocket money, not the fat stack. There are the two big ones, the first that has become a public taboo to talk about and that got the few outlets reporting on threathend with horrendous lawsuits, and the second, which is so well concealed as it is impudent.

First is the huge problem with electronic voting, and not only from the left wing owned company ‘Dominion Voting Systems’ that got into the headlines, but also all others, e.g. ES&S, Diebold and Hart Intercivic. From the hearings conducted by State Legislatures it can be inferred that the schemes from Democrats in this area are:

  • Swap Votes in Transfer
  • Mass Adjucation
  • Pre-Programmed Final Shares
  • Fractional Voting

While each one of these is very hard to prove on its own -and has been so far only by reverse engineering, statistical analysis and a rare forensic audit of said machines- to prove any willful misconduct on the end of a voting systems manufacturer is impossible: The logical assumption is, that if they intend to manipulate, they would do so in a way that ensures that they 1) won’t get caught or 2) could plausibly deny any of that. So while many people think getting them to discovery in court is the way forward, realistically fighting any lawsuit in that regard is a dead-end from the start.

But, maybe to your surprise, it’s not about that. Let me give you my professional account on electronic voting:

With computers you need only one entry point to take over and manipulate an entire system. And if you are a professional, you need access only once to compromise it forever. These machines are all built onto standard x86/x64 Intel architecture, and that primarily if not exclusively, on Windows. Meaning they inherit not only all the flaws and security loopholes that are included at different points in time in the Operating System, but also all the rumored backdoors deep in the hardware, ranging from foreign manufactured chips up to the inaccessible Intel Management Engine. These are on top machines that have, to my knowledge, openly accessible USB ports and/or GPIO pins exposed on their boards. I estimate that an experienced Penetration Tester will be able to get into such a machine in under half an hour.

Yet, if you would manage to get rid of all these weak points, could guarantee clean hard- & software to begin with, you are still faced with the core problem that these voting machines are from private companies and the code running is not open source but a business secret. Assuming an entire voting suite runs on 150.000 to 200.000 lines of uninspectable source code, there’s plenty of opportunity to hide all sorts of shenanigans (delayed, remote controlled or dormant) in there. So the only way electronic voting could in theory work was if all Soft- & Hardware would be completely open source and voluntarily maintained by a crowd of engineers. Remember: Only one undetected leak and a bad actor that creates fraudulent but ‘believable’ results is enough to compromise the whole thing without anyone noticing it – and you don’t need to manipulate a lot of data, just the few bytes that represent the count. Even adding complexity with Blockchains or Public-Private-Key schemes makes the central problem of an undetected malvolent intrusion never really go away – and the same goes for any amount of third-party ‘certification’.

Given the impossibilities and extreme risks as presented, the bottomline is that electronic voting should have never been allowed: Vulnerabilities are plentiful, manipulation is too easy and the effort to make it ‘somehow’ secure is through the roof. The risk:return ratio to perform fraud with the machines is tremendous. Ultimately governments need to abandon electronic voting altogether.

A suit against the manufacturers for election fraud is similiar to a suit against tobacco companies for lung cancer – the underlying problem is the existence of the business model itself. Let’s add this up in the context of the 2020 election:

A potential for fraud with voting machines.
+ An actor that has shown himself to be willing to cheat in every way possible.
+ A voting machine company partly owned by that actor.
+ A higher up executive of it stating pre-election ‚to have made sure that Trump is not gonna win‘.
+ Multiple observed ‚machine errors‘ which all favor Biden.
+ The company throws law suits around but refuses any inspection of their machines.

= The vast majority of machines are compromised in one way or another.

My estimate is that cheating by means of electronic voting amounts nationwide for at least 12m but up to 17m votes for Joe Biden. That happenend not only in the swing states where most people had their focus on, but also in huge quantities in more unsuspecting places like Colorado and Virgina. And according to some analysis California seems to be the worst with that – by far. There is a wide variety of voter fraud ‘flavor’ with them: Adding votes, deleting votes from opponents, swapping vote counts; and then to each of that a couple of individual schemes. There’s not ‘one’ single form of it, yet fraud on the large scale wittnessed is only possible with the machines. There’s a data scientist that has shown by relativly simple means that just the procurement of Dominion machines in a county led to a relative change in the baseline outcome of exactly +1,5% Democrat votes and -1.5% Republican votes.

“Something is very wrong”

The second is people that do not exist. From undercover reporters it is known that the Democrats, namely the DNC, operate some sort of a loosely organized ‘shadow department’ that itself has different sub-organizations. These range from organizing protests and crashing the rallys of opponents, up to the staging of events with crisis actors. From 2020 testimony we can infer that this now also includes logistics, as Mail-In Ballots were filled out in advance at central locations, then shipped and stored around the country.

While you can create fake ballots with (relative) ease, you still need a person to tie it too – especially if an envelope with the original voter data is needed. One scheme, that also included the machines, is to check the existing voter list after polls have closed for people that did not vote, then create on-the-fly mail-in ballots somewhere nearby with that data and ship them in, in the dark of the night. The required amount needed could be calculated, depending on the projected outcome sometime late on original election day.

That can only work though, if the announcement of the final result can be delayed for at least one more day. Democrats did exactly that in 2020 and we know they had to hit the brakes simultaneously in all swing states as the turnout for Trump was too big. If they had not, they would not have been able to squeeze just the right amount of votes into the count without having blatant dumps with near 100% Biden votes (which happenend regardless). This scheme, that partially contributed to the iconic spikes at 4 AM on November 4th, is actually well known.

The real kicker: Who are the people, whose names where on the pre-filled mail-in’s that are shipped and stored in advance? One mathematician took the time and digged not only through AZ voter data but correlated it with census data. He figured that over the last decade the number of people on voter roles was growing way faster than those actually living in the state. He did additional analysis regarding the distribution of last names, age and gender. Then he concluded that in AZ alone at least 100.000 voters cannot exist. Likely even more. The numbers went even worse when he dug into PA and GA. In a nutshell, there’s statistical laws like the mean number of people with a given last name in a random set of population data. And these laws are so heavily violated that it is indicating that there’s a huge amount of completely made up people on voter roles. And it’s done so well, that only a deeper analysis reveals it.

My estimate is that this amounts nationwide to a number hovering around 10m votes in total for Joe Biden. I doubt these phantom voters where created for the 2020 election, the probable explanation is that these are there for a long time already and must have been added slowly over a decade at minimum. Every election cycle likely saw a couple created when no one took notice. My best guess on how this fits the big picture, is that the ‘Shadow Department’ had more or less books on them when it procured and then distributed these pre-filled mail-ins. The cocktail that broke 2020 was a combination of Electronic Voting, Mail-In’s and Phantom Voters served by a corrupted media.

I make these projections based on previous outcomes and some broader common sense assumptions. Biden was in every way worse than Hillary: The smaller base, the campaign, enthusiasm etc. Hillary had ‘the woman’ card, he had nothing in that regard. They were both equally heavily promoted by the corrupt media, yet Hillary is a genius compared to Joe. You can spin his 47 years in government and his age as experience to make the case that they are at least roughly ‘even’. So there’s this simpleton assumption that one can construct that he has at best equal her votes but likely less than her and not more.

Now out of a sudden he has 15m more votes than Hillary in 16′ while the incumbent also gained around 11m. It has never happened that an incumbent that gained votes loses re-election. That rings already an alarm bell. So how has he more votes than Hillary? There is the core argument that people voted overwhelmingly against Trump. Makes this sense? If people dislike a candidate they usually don’t just vote the other. They just don’t vote at all. Why would i get out of bed and travel to a polling station to vote for some unknown guy to go against another guy? While there are these deranged haters, on a broad scale this cannot stand. The argument is a 1+1 = 3. Hatred for one person does not motivate people to show up for someone else. Hatred does however motivate the opponent to disregard rules and get dirty. That line of reasoning is from a birdseyes perspective but it gives the direction.

15m more than Hillary – You cannot really explain that. Especially given the poor campaign and performance of said candidate. “Higher turnout, Mail-In Voting.” – Not buying it. It’s blatant. Now remember this is not the only thing. There’s many more of these. And then on top of it all you get the cream: A ton of voter fraud accusations and shady events that all favor Biden. Why vote for this guy? Trump may have been constantly gaslighted but even the left noticed that he did the job. So appart from just irrational hatred there’s not really a big motivator. Heavy doubts that this alone lead to such a disparity.

So then i do some estimates – what would be probable? What would be believable? What would be realistic. And while i honestly believe that somewhere in the mid 50m is still too much for Joe i acknowledge the huge amount of money spent on his end, the constant media shilling and general advantage the system provided him. That will likely get him somewhere into that range under the assumption of an uneducated and complacent public. All these have an impact, but there are upper limits to them. The bottomline is that you can not really get to Biden’s final figures without recognizing the need for a significant amount of fraud.

I’ve seen his campaign, i have seen the engagement and i was even one of the rare people that watched one of his few livestreams – that they had to cut ‘for technical problems’ 5 seconds after he said that 200 million had died from Covid in the US alone. I kid you not, that actually happened. If you’re from the Biden camp and reading this, you know that this is something only someone knows that watched the stream back then. From the chat i still remember that viewing were either campaign staff, journalists or those waiting for the next gaffe from him. In total just a few hundred people in the middle of the stream. And they mocked him in the chat. No one took him serious. It was sad and embarassing. The whole thing had something of elder abuse to it.

He was so bad that at times i had the impression he wants to lose on purpose and just get over with. I really thought that. That Democrats would sacrifice this old guy. Estimates where made that he would not even be able to carry his home state. The entire map red. My honest assessment: The media built a fake-as-fuck facade around Joe Biden. Overall this was a bad candidate that is not even physically able to execute the office – unfit in the literal sense. He was way worse than Walter Mondale in 84′ and that went ‘only’ 60:40 for Reagan. But now you have this massive disconnect that Biden is apparently the popular guy with the most votes ever. For absolutely no credible reason. There’s not only the stuff that happenend in the swing states that got all the attention – the real issue is this plausibility gap of nationwide roughly 30m votes.

I believe it is so big as the primary angle was likely not stuffing the box and adding votes, but stealing from Trump: Machines that switched counts or that had ratios set. From numbers that can not easily be faked, e.g. crowd sizes or the amount of reporting, we can conclude that Trump has been the single major factor for the huge turnout after all. While i considered 100m+ votes for him in fringe scenarios i decided for conservative estimates. Yet we know that the left favors to create ‘big lies’ over just ‘lies’ and that they like to pervert in heinous ways over modest ones – so there’s always the possibility floating that their lie might be bigger than in one’s wildest dreams. We know from Bidens past that he used to push flat out falsehoods like being top of his class and having three degress when he had only one and graduated at the bottom. So there’s certainly a bedrock for blatancy.

I cannot recreate their reasoning and it was likely not coherent in the first place as there were obviously multiple groups, partly coordinated and aware of each other and partly not. But i do believe that it was not intended to make Biden win so big that the fraud shows. One can only speculate that they bought at some point into their own lies and made wrong assumptions on the turnout Trump would generate. So instead of planning to delete excess votes they would only put algorithms in place that steal, eventually making the count for Biden blow up beyond desired proportions and thus aiding in creating this otherwise inexplicable gap.

Can somebody get away with this without anyone noticing? Everything is handled by the machines. Not only the count, but the rare ‘recounts’ are also done by them. ‘Hand recounts’ are even more rare, on top slow and expensive. In a nutshell, there’s seldomly people involved after a vote entered the system. You cannot look inside the machines and figure what they are doing. If you have corrupted officials that deny an inspection you could report completely made-up numbers on election day. Then reject the requested audit for at least a few weeks until you have destroyed the existing votes and replaced them with fabricated ones that match your reporting. And an audit is rare – you can just report false numbers and hope to never get checked for them. If you intent to cheat, you are able to overwhelm the system with that angle.

“I’ve always told you, the media is not your friend.”

‘The People’ see that the election of Joe Biden doesn’t add up. And after two failed impeachments they are well aware how ‘loco’ at least the D.C. Democrats really are. That they have no scruples to repeatedly cross red lines. That they chronically lie has been shown over the years to be ‘a given’ and is barely worth mentioning: Schiff, Nadler – Pelosi. After 2020 the only logical conclusion that is left, and that many citizen angrily came to, is that Democrats have expanded their capability of election fraud well into the realm of 8 digits.

While i gathered the insights displayed here from November ’20 to January ’21, i’ve seen accounts discussing this getting deleted on a daily basis. When i researched for writing this in February i ran into so many dead links due to terminated accounts it made me sad. Reputable investigative journalists (the rare kind left), decorated generals, professional lawyers and successfull businessmen that did neither break laws or any ‘guidelines’ got simply terminated for politics. Google on top has begun to ‘optimize’ search results: Optimized in a way that you don’t find certain articles and images relating to that event anymore. Wikipedia has been extensively edited on the election, election fraud and the capitol protest to willfully mislead and obfuscate. It’s not a reliable source. I’m certainly not the only one who did notice the extreme lengths the conspirators needed to go to keep the lid on all this. Imagine a company not only tagging the statements, but then restricting and ultimately deleting the social media account of the President of the United States. At a minimum as that happened, for many till then unsuspecting people, this rang a loud alarm.

Social Media says they fear that discussing any of this ‘incites violence’. It certainly will, and it certainly should: They stole an election. Let alone the insane size of the lie that they created and are now forcibly upholding. They hide behind twisted arguments while denying the possibility to clean any of this up in an open and fair manner. That makes people not angry: It makes them boil red-hot. You don’t need to be a genius to see what is coming: The soap box has been shut down, the jury box -the cowardly Supreme Court- bailed out. The ballot box is corrupted. To get representation, people are forced to resort to the ammo box and violent means. The watering of the tree of liberty is needed. While this is somber and cruel at the same time it is at one point inevitable. This stolen election can easily kick off a wave of domestic terrorism as the hatred for Democrats and their media cronies has gone off the charts. People are tilted and it’s not a far stretch that half of congress would have already been killed by a lynch mob on the 6th if it wasn’t for Trump that called for a peaceful retreat. And it’s not even a far stretch as well that most of America would have approved of that mob and likely had even cheered it on.

The knowledge of the stolen 2020 election is an open secret to everyone that is not denying reality. Joe Biden, the liar and crook he has been his entire life, is in the know: Otherwise he would not entrench himself with the National Guard in Washington D.C. like a corrupt dictator that has to fear the wrath of the people. And he better fears. He’s not popular as the media tries to portray him with their fake polls and phony awards. Not even among liberals. Pre-Election people did only remember him, if at all, as ‘the guy from Obama’. In fact, he’s either despised or just ignored as he’s not interesting at all. Other than hateful ramblings and make-believe fairy tales he has nothing to say; people don’t want to hear him talk. Besides the skills of lining his own pockets there are none. Remember that this guy approved NAFTA, which either on purpose (through corruption) or by incompetence introduced the outrageous tax advantage that destroyed US manufacturing.

He’s not what one would call the ‘man of the year’. That would be the small business owner that got his store destroyed by the Democrat enabled mobs during the summer. Where is the empathy and compassion in the media? Where is the reporting that seeks truth not perversion? The only thing you see with mainstream reporting is that they are full of shit and nothing else: That they promote the biggest immoralities and the plainout ‘wrong’ people. And as the kings of all filth, now the Bidens.

The hatred for journalists from major outlets has become unparalleled. Biden had certainly not a 62% percent approval rating in his first review after three weeks. Three weeks in which he only signed off executive orders for his donors: To kill Insulin price reductions Trump fought for and to kill roughly 50.000 jobs from the KXL pipeline and other energy projects. He’s likely not even aware of the concept and clear advantages of ‘energy independence’. These ratings are just more blatant lies, rubbed into the face of the american public that is either to apathic to fight back or completely misinformed on what is happening: Lets kill off diabetics and jobs from welders – what a great president. You can literally bet that his ‘rating’ with the media would skyrocket once he starts bombing kindergartens and hospitals in some unfortunate third world country.

But now that the deception with the election has become clear even to people outside of the US, the crooked media decided to triple down on their candidate and to continue the brain- & whitewash indefinitely until the last person really believes that a demented & corrupt career politican is really the most popular guy ever and not just a proxy for invisible third party agendas.

Sadly, the lies offered to buy into their ‘Matrix of sane explanations’ (that you don’t have to see the blatant in-your-face fraud anymore), are not as good as those with Obama’s skin color back then:

“Trump was bad. People hated him – Not just journalists and the defectives on Twitter. The Pandemic. The Coof, you know, which was …umm…totally not part of this, right? Btw. before you ask – No way us Democrats would do really fucked up shit like what you are thinking right now just to get rid of Drumpf. And somehow Joe is really popular now. Because, umm…”.

It’s pathethic. A lot of people are forced to see the ugly truth that they have been lied to: On a large scale and in that manner likely for years. 9/11 comes to mind. We better stop right here. Save to say that polling and media laurels have finally revealed themselves to a broad audience what they really are: Tools to shape opinion and not to measure it. If honesty in the media is ever to make a comeback, Polling is certainly in need for the strictest of regulations.

The media lies. Not everyone of them was in on the details, yet the bottomline is that all of them -CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, PBS, AP, REUTERS, NYT, WAPO, FOX -yes all of them- have become the enemy of the people through either wilful malpractice of their craft or the propagation of such by creating circular references between themselves. It’s already sufficient when propaganda is injected at one of them that they all cover it without performing any sort of independent due dilligence.

As a consequence, large swaths of these channels have become absolutely unwatchable and unreadable. During the run-up to the election they went from their typical journalistic foul play of framing, spinning and omission to straight out lies and completely made up fictional accounts. At points there was zero journalistic integrity left and you were able to label entire articles as propaganda devoid of any truth. They became centers of misinformation: It’s that bad, that if you research today via these channels, all you’re getting is being lied too. Every information that hurts their candidate is denounced, and anything in the opposite promoted – no matter if true or not. They put up a wall to burry the truth.

The mainstream media demoralized and discouraged right on from election night. In the way the narrative was defined they knew how to make themselves the judges of events unfolding and how to present things as done & over – even when they were not. And they worked the mind of the audience like water erodes a stone: Slowly, gentle and subtile. Besides all the ‘hard crimes’ committed, the single biggest impact on stealing the election had the corrupted media. If mainstream coverage would have focused on the fraud or just on one of the many (!) things that didn’t add up, you can certainly say that Biden wouldn’t have made it. He needed someone to keep the light off of Democrat activities. The difference made not the friendly or hostile framing – but the ommission and suppression of real storys. The manipulation they did worked well.

The really bad thing however is that they have infected, and continue to do so, a lot of good willing people with their lies. People who spread them further and ultimately create a believe in them. And there’s a lot of these in positions of power. They are not in on the rig but become accomplices without realizing it. Post election I’ve seen people that where convinced of what they had been told. I always thought brainwashing was not possible. Sadly it is. I discussed with some and one of the worser experiences was when they turned the tables and accused me to be the brainwashed one. It’s not that i was wrong: They just didn’t check. They didn’t have the time like i had to follow this up close. At some point they had to trust what a pretty talking head at CNN told them. After November 3rd there have been so many lies on everything that was reported, it was impossible for the average person to see through this. This was well beyond ‘accidental slipups in reporting’ and deliberately misleading: It was noticeable that there was some sort of instruction in place.

The constantly repeated mantra that ‘there has been no voter fraud’, that cracked as the weeks progressed into a ‘there has been no evidence of widespread voter fraud’ and died down further at the end into ‘there has been no evidence of widespread election fraud that could change the results’ made it easy for complacent officials to take the same line as well. Why make problems when there are none? Also given the bad treatment everyone that dared to mention only the washed down PC version of ‘irregularities’ got, the incentive made was clear: Just let it happen. Everyone important that was successfully blinded by the narrative put in place was also quickly misrepresented in his statements as ‘another official that confirmed that the election was safe and secure’.

Do you belong to half the population that was successfully brainwashed and cannot believe any of this information here?

There’s a staggering 1000+ affidavits on election fraud. A fraction of the allegations started the Russia investigation of 2016. If all this was so easy to disprove why does the Biden admin not kick off an independent commission that clears it up? Especially as 70%+ of Republican voters think the election was stolen. Yet they not only don’t seek to do that, but they actively deny any requests on it as well. Verdict: Guilty.

“Congress has an approval rating of 9%. Muammar Gaddafi had an approval rating of 13% and his own people dragged him into the streets and killed him.”

To set the record straight: 2020 was -by far- the most fraudulent election in American history. The media, including ‘Big Tech’, played the decisive factor in getting it through. Trust has been abused for political gain. You can make the case, that if Americans want to ever regain their country, they not only need to fix their broken election system but also hold the corrupted media accountable. And it can be argued that operatives from the mainstream media should face the firing squad regarding their involvement in manipulating the public.

Yet besides the constant hammering from the fake media to cover for Democrat crimes, Republicans -but also Trump himself-, should be ashamed that they allowed it from them to be stolen while they still had all the cards:

They had the Presidency. The Senate. The Supreme Court. The State Legislatures. The complete backing of every law enforcement organization in the country. And likely real voter numbers in the region upwards of 80 million. They where the party with the guns and the professionals in applying violence for the sake of the law. Still they let Democrats get away with certifying and confirming electoral college fraud. They should have put the brakes into this – and that hard, latest in mid December to get the military fully involved. There’s always some fraud, but the amount and it’s context in 2020 equated to a coup d’etat. Yet, Democrats literally sailed through all of this without opposition.

And some very dumb, like Mitch McConnell, even believed the lies and that Trump would spread conspiracy theories. Democrats cheat. And they cheat well. Usually they do not get caught because they have become good at it. They perform the art of election fraud at least since Kennedy’s 1960 win as they admitted decades later.

And they really have to cheat: Their policies are bad for the constituents and their candidates are even worse. In a fair and free election, they would lose 9 out of 10 times. They are the party of the outcasts, of the reject. Of the women, the minorities, the children, the losers, quiters, criminals and weirdos. Of the failures and the low performers. Of all those that should by natural law not have a place at the table of power. Everyone skilled stays either out of politics or joins the conservative camp – but certainly not them. They need fraud, lies and shady practices like a fish needs water.

Now for the first time, they got caught as they had to go into an absolute fraud frenzy. They underestimated Trump’s numbers, just like they did in 2016 -again- and had to stuff the box even on camera. But what could you expect from a sloppy bottom-of-his-class like Biden? That he would do a clean job defrauding the american public?

But you would have expected, that a Senate Majority Leader like McConnell, would be at a minimum aware of the fact that half of his Senate colleagues from the other isle got into office because they cheated one from his own team. Yet he bend the knee and could hardly wait to move on from Trump. And then, there was Pence: A Vice President, who will forever be remembered not as Michael but as Judas, was the final nail in the coffin.

From an outsiders perspective the extremely weak Republicans appear even more worthy of contempt than the criminal Democrats. These may have cheated like never before, but at least they fought with everything they had. The top Republicans however, just let them piss in their faces and did absolutely nothing but backstab each other. As America devolves now into a bigger version of socialist Venezuela, which is the most likely course to happen, it’s certainly to a degree due to the pathetic Republican leadership. If the Republican party was run like a company, that board would not only be completely fired but on top sued for damages.

It’s not a solution to turn two blind eyes to fraud: Electronic Voting needs to be addressed and ultimately abolished. Mail-In voting banned. Voter-ID made mandatory. These are three basics that at least don’t let the patient die. But i’m realistic here: I don’t think this will happen within the next decade – if ever. The socialist dictatorship that is about to emerge will not allow any of these, but likely push through with exactly the opposite: Abolished verification standards and more possibilities to cheat under the guise of voter participation. If there’s no miracle, America born 1776, ended 2021.