Democrats noticed in 2020 that they can get away with large scale fraud.

The next thing that will happen is that state level Democrats want to be part of ‘the deal’: A guaranteed victory by means of manipulated voting machines, Mail-In phantom voters and the Lügenpresse priming pre- and whitewashing post election. The left’s endgame is eventually the removal of all Republican State Legislatures and Governorships at the next possible date.

The US is already gunned down and the finishing moves to kill it for good are imminent. If Republicans do not act within the next 18 months Americans will lose their country indefinitely. While violence by means of the ‘ammo box’ would be justified it is not a fitting solution. An armed insurgency does not work for a civilization that has too much value floating around. As long as there’s food, shelter and safety you want to act by using the remains of the law: The possibilities left that have not yet been corrupted. Local legislatures and local courts may allow to fix the system from square one. There’s a multitude of things to tackle yet the start has to be at a point no one might suspect:

1. Ensure the integrity of party internal voting

Years ago there was an internal vote at a european party. Later it leaked that the leadership had fixed the results. This was impossible to clean up once committed. To stay in power corrupt leadership had no problems corrupting their own.

Bottomline: Distrust and paranoia in this matter are not only acceptable but vital.

2. Punish cowardice

The worst leaders are those that refuse to fight. Once you have confidence in (1.) hold internal votes to remove weak leaders. People detest weakness and if they have a chance to get someone weak out without getting hurt themselves, e.g. in a proper secret vote, they do so in 10 out of 10 cases.

3. Go for the ‘small fish’

There has been so much evidence of fraud that the amount has become a problem. 2020 got partly lost because a lot of avenues to prove election fraud looked viable and where therefore worked on in parallel: MI,AZ,PA,WI,GA – Yet all of them only superficially.

What you want is to exclusivly focus on one occurence of election fraud in one state and nail it: Prove it without a reasonable doubt and get the low-level thugs into prison. Do this in a serial fashion to build momentum that is ultimately able to jail the corrupt governors.

So how do you beat them?

Republicans need to publicly hammer the topic of the stolen election over and over again. They need to state:

  • That there has been no timely and independent investigation into the fraud.
  • That those responsible for 2020 committed
    1. ‘Treason’ and
    2. a ‘Conspiracy against the United States’.
  • That the only verdict must be the death penalty for those involved at the top.
  • That Republicans will force an investigation and desired ruling on this as soon as they get back into power.
  • That the aim for 2022 & 2024 is an overwhelming majority to get those that stole 2020 in front of the firing squads legally.

Not a civil war or insurrection, but the few dozen higher-up’s responsible publicly executed on a live broadcast. This is not only a verdict but an deterrent: You do not want an entire country to be run ever again by an unelected group of unaccountable cabal.

Stating this over and over again forces them to increase the level of censorship and go to more extrem ends. Eventually this accelerates things and this is what you want: It is more desirable than a slow decay into a fake appeasing peace. As more time passes the occupation of the offices gives legitimacy until there’s a point reached when it’s too late: In a nutshell, reaching this pseudo peace means that your country is gone for good and on the fast track towards a failed state. Yet by keeping the pressure on it will force them to make mistakes that lead to their downfall: They lose if they act & lose if they don’t.

I give this scenario a solid 0% likelihood as everyone has seen that Republicans are cowards. You cannot do this half-assed, you need to commit to this and clearly communicate it over and over again that everyone knows whats up. This would need to be decided on the top and disseminated as official party line. The level of guts required for this is something Republicans simply don’t have. There’s also risk involved that this backfires horribly. Yet in theory this is what you would do if you want to beat the Democrats and take your country back.