As a European with business interest and friends in the United States i followed the events unfolding there from a birdseye perspective. The election of Donald Trump to the presidency in 2016 meant real change for four years and was beneficial for not only the US but the world. After having overdelivered on his promises, Trump was up for a near guaranteed second term. Yet, what then happened in the November 2020 US election, was likely the most blatant theft one could ever wittness.

A lot of people had problems to understand what was transpiring. Due to my geographical detachment i was able to see things clearly and pieced a picture on voter fraud together that is based on the events, hearings, testimony and sources the american mainstream media puprosefully did not cover and which the big technology companies burried. I have no gain for lying or exaggeration. The account made is honest. For some statements i linked sources, for others not – yet everything can be found.

The 2020 US election was a very sad event. It was ultimately stolen from the forgotten men and women Trump had fought for. For whom he gave up his life four years earlier. Whom he promised to not only bring their country back, but their dreams. He sacrificed a lot while enduring tremendous abuse from Lügenpresse and leftist loons alike – scum that would end in other countries in re-education camps or on the gallows. They can be lucky that Trump has shown himself not to be the dictator they tried to paint him – but a man of peace and honor that not only went by justice, but compassion. He put himself through countless tough situations to do the right thing. He is certainly worthy of respect. It’s a disgrace that a man of his greatness was forced on his way out to show the world how corrupted America had become- or maybe always was. Who knows.

While i do believe that after the fraudulent 2020 election the US as we know it is ‘done’ i still decided –because i have heart– to create this website to share ideas on improving security for future elections. These ideas required a high level of expertise, experience and artistry alike. They cannot only be applied in federal elections, but also on the state and county level – and of course in other nations as well. The approaches presented are smart. Depending on the realisation they can replace or supplement current processes. If you are an election official you should consider implementing them.

I’m not running any advertisements for this site and sharing this on social media will not work. If you know an election official forward this website by word of mouth. Thank you!

Alexander L.*

“I’m an engineering professional and can remote consult officials on implementation details of the ideas outlined here.”

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